Plasma Grow Lighting

Plasma Aquarium Lighting


I just wanted let you know that I could not be happier with my purchase from Chameleon Grow Systems.  The light is outstanding and my plants have never looked better.  The savings in electricity have made this an economical decision as well.  I would recommend Chameleon Grow Systems to anyone! The service has been great and I cannot wait to purchase the 500W instrument as soon it becomes available. Sincerely,


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Application Driven

It is important to note that Plasma Light Systems are not a wholesale replacement for High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting (HPS/ MH) but an excellent alternative should the application be complimentary to the technology.

 We are going on our fifth year of Doctorate Level Accredited Third-Party Research Programs with great successes and accomplishments.


   Outperforms 600w HPS!

34% Longer Lifespan, 22% Less Power Draw, 22% Less Heat

Full Spectrum Nutritional Light Energy

Enhances Plant Performance!

More CRI (color rendering index)

  • 100 CRI - Sunlight

  • 95 CRI - Chameleon Plasma

  • 24 CRI - HPS

More CCT (correlated color temperature)

  • 5780k - Sunlight​

  • 5500k - Chameleon Plasma 

  • 2100k - HPS

​​Exceptionally Robust Product Design

  • ​Aircraft Quality Construction  

  • Wet Location Rated (see video below)


  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

  • ​90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Plasma Grow Lighting

Plasma Aquarium Lighting

Plasma Grow Lighting Plasma Aquarium Lighting